So Magic was desinged with the intention to be pip installable. Unfortunately,
even though $pip install so-magic$ will install the library from the pypi (index) server,
it is possible that the somoclu library (which is a dependency) will be missing a critical feature.
If you have successfully (build and) installed somoclu in your environment
then you can indeed install so-magic from pypi.
Example command:
pip install so-magic

See the somoclu documentation pages to read more about the library features.

Linux & macOS

Unfortunately, it is possible that none of the two official installation methods for somoclu would work as expected. Namely the method of invoking pip install somoclu and the method of building somoclu from source.

It has been documented (see issue 136), and verified by the author on a macOS Catalina, that you might run into an issue with clang and OpenMP that breaks the build process. It is also possible that installation succeeds, but when your client code invokes the “wrap_train” function, a NameError exception (see issue 28) is thrown on the Python side.

Thus, it is recommended that you install so-magic using anaconda. Anaconda succeeds in doing conda install somoclu in contrast to pip

Prepare a conda environment (just like a virtualenv):

conda create -p $ENV_PATH -y python=3.7
if [[ ! -f $FILE_TO_SOURCE ]]; then
  source "$HOME/miniconda3/etc/profile.d/"
  source "$HOME/miniconda/etc/profile.d/"
hash -r
conda config --set always_yes yes --set changeps1 no
conda update -q conda
conda info -a
conda activate $ENV_PATH

Install somoclu dependency:

conda install somoclu --channel conda-forge

Install latest so-magic:

pip install so-magic